ICICI Student Travel Insurance

ICICI Student Travel Insurance

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Icici student travel insurance

ICICI student travel insurance helps of studying abroad for young pupils. For starters, you’re having trouble adjusting to all of the cultural differences in the nation that you’ll be calling home for a few months or years after you arrive. As for the second point, you’re constantly working with a limited budget, and you have to handle your living expenditures carefully. An unexpected health condition or some other worry that prevents you from continuing your studies abroad might add further stress to your already hectic schedule.

In the event of an unexpected emergency occurring while you are studying abroad, Globetrotter – ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Travel Insurance may prove to be a life saver for you. Furthermore, most colleges abroad have a requirement that students obtain medical insurance in order to meet the admissions requirements. Our coverage protects you in the event of unforeseen medical expenses and also assists you in meeting such admission requirements. You may acquire this insurance in India and pay the premium in Indian rupees while receiving coverage in your destination country, with the added convenience of quick claim settlements on your behalf..

It is cost-effective

You can purchase the insurance coverage in India and pay the premiums in Indian rupees. When compared to the cost of purchasing identical insurance in another country, this turns out to be relatively inexpensive.

Complies with entrance requirements

Because most overseas colleges require students to obtain student travel insurance as a pre-requisite before enrolling, this coverage might assist you in meeting the requirements for admission.

ICICI Student Travel Insurance Coverage

All-encompassing coverage

This coverage doesn’t simply pay for your hospitalisation fees in the event of an accident or sickness; it also pays for your funeral expenditures. It also provides coverage for a variety of additional occurrences, such as the loss of checked-in baggage, personal responsibility, study disruption, and others.

Coverage for medical expenses

Medical insurance coverage

In the event that you become ill or have an accident while travelling overseas, we will pay your medical expenditures. In-patient and outpatient care, medical assistance, X-rays, and other diagnostic testing are some of the services available. You must communicate with our Third Party Administrator in order to obtain authorization for any medical treatment in advance of receiving it. We would also pay the costs of your return to India if it is deemed essential for medical reasons. Please review our policy wordings for a complete explanation of all terms and conditions.

Dental therapy

We will reimburse you for any fees incurred in the treatment of a tooth or teeth while you are travelling overseas. This is solely applicable to your natural teeth at this time.

A kind and considerate visit

Consider the following scenario: you are hospitalised for more than seven days and your medical condition prevents you from returning to your home country. Furthermore, you are not accompanied by any adult family members while overseas. As a result, we will pay for a round-trip economy class airline ticket or a first class train ticket for a member of your immediate family to be at your bedside while you are in the hospital.

Treatment for mental and nerve illnesses

We cover the cost of treatment for mental disorders, including as alcoholism and drug addiction, up to a maximum of US$ 1,000 per claim. This is only applicable to inpatient hospitalisation (for a period of 24 hours or more), which is given by a hospital or nursing home.

Hospitalization due to pregnancy

Wewill cover in-patient medical expenditures connected to pregnancy, up to a maximum of US$ 500, when a waiting period of 10 months has passed.

Sports injuries

Aspart of the medical coverage, we also cover the costs of medical treatment for injuries sustained while intercollegiate sports. These charges will be considered in the same manner as any other medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident, and they will be subject to the terms and restrictions specified in the insurance policy.

Cancer screening

Ifa physician advises cancer screening and mammographic tests, we will reimburse you for the costs of these procedures up to a maximum of US$ 2,000 in expenditures. There will be no coverage for any tests you have as part of a preventative health check-up under this benefit.

Childcare benefits

Assume that your child is admitted to the hospital for more than two days due to an illness. In such a case, we would issue a hospital cash benefit of US$ 100, which will be valid for a maximum of seven days. This is applicable if the child is older than 90 days at the time of application.

Staying on topic is important

Personal liability is a legal term that refers to a person’s legal responsibility for anything they did or did not do.

Student Travel Insurance Important Information's

  1. Consider the following scenario: you are engaged in an incident that results in the death, injury, or damage to someone’s health or property, and you are held legally responsible for the same. In that scenario, we will reimburse you for your responsibility charges up to the amount of insurance coverage on your policy.
  2. A personal misadventure We provide coverage to the insured or nominee (as the case may be) in the event of death or permanent disability caused by an accident while travelling overseas. For example, 20 percent of the sum insured is paid out in the instance of a lost thumb, but 70 percent of the total insured is paid out in the case of an arm that has been severed from the shoulder joint.
  1. Bail bonds are available. In the event of an arrest or detention by police or judicial authorities in a foreign country, we will reimburse the cost of bail. Only in the instance of a bailable offence do we provide this sum to the proper authorities or court to process the case. The level of coverage provided under this benefit will be up to the amount specified in the chosen plan.

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